The Value of Having Your Agency Source Production

Asking your full service marketing firm to source production of your marketing materials can save you time, money and frustration. As your partner they have your best interests in mind, and sourcing production yourself can have pitfalls. […]

What to know about Colors: RGB, CMYK & PMS when working with a full service marketing agency

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD Fun fact: the colors on your computer screen are not the same as the colors you see in print. Really. Here’s a quick overview of the types of color and what it means for working with a marketing agency. You may have heard of RGB or CMYK and even PMS with reference to color, but these acronyms can be glossed over. Most people think colors are all the same, regardless of media or medium; that orange is orange is orange. Right? Well, think again. […]

A Quick Guide to Understanding Logo File Types

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD So you have a great logo and now you want to put it on everything.  But, which of the myriad file types your agency or designer gave you is right for each application?  This will explain it. Upon completion of your gloriously heart-stopping, tears-of-joy inducing logo, your marketing and design agency lovingly provided you with all of the file formats you would ever need. How nice of them! However, each file has a crazy suffix at the end that no amount of “textspeak” can decifer. All you want to do is some light voodoo magic: update your invoice template in QuickBooks and add your logo to your e-mail signature. That’s. It. […]

Why do Envelopes Cost So Much?

Custom printed envelopes can seem expensive because they are converted; meaning they are printed flat, die cut, then folded and glued together.  This extra processing drives up the cost. Envelopes are one of the three items Rains | Birchard Marketing routinely designs and produces for new clients as an integral part of business stationary.  Everyone needs business cards, so when designing those, our agency also designs the letterhead and #10 envelopes to match.  Over the years, many new clients have been surprised at the high cost of printing standard envelopes when compared to letterhead at an equal quantity on the same paper.  […]

5 Reasons to Not Let Your Commercial Printer Design What They Print

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD Printers don’t have a vested interest in the design of what they’re printing.  If you’re willing to invest in printing, hire a graphic design firm to create what you print. Let me preface this post by saying that the commercial printers Rains | Birchard works with really are valued partners and it is through our close relationships that we turn intangible designs into something you can hold in your hand.  That being said, printers are not designers. […]

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