Selecting a Full Service Marketing Firm that’s Service Agnostic

When hiring a full service marketing firm, selecting an agency partner that won’t pigeon hole you into their solution is important. The old adage that “if you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” rings true for marketing services and agencies.  I believe it’s important that the marketing partners you select aren’t always holding a hammer. […]

Every Business Must Differentiate

We are living in what has been described as a society of surplus.  […]

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Have an Elevator Pitch and Share it with your Full Service Marketing Firm

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD The Elevator Pitch is an exercise that will make a business focus on its value proposition.  Sharing it with your full service marketing firm gets you off to a good start. I often ask new clients to give me their elevator pitch. I’ve yet to meet a prospective client with a concise pitch prepared.  I actually don’t expect them to, but the reason I ask is to get the client thinking about their value proposition. […]

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How Much is a Powerpoint Presentation Worth?

PowerPoint is a ubiquitous business mainstay. Everyone has it, and technically, anyone can use it. But before that program gets fired up, ask yourself, how much is your company’s success worth? […]

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