Perception is Reality – The Gold Label Story

This tale of me duping my friends into drinking $5 whisky under the guise of it being $130 whisky, serves to underscore what I believe to be a basic truth, the fact that perception is reality – never more true than in marketing. […]

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Allow Your Agency to Act as Your Agent

Advertising companies were originally called an “Agency” because they acted as their client’s agent. The industry has trended away from this as we’ve become more full service marketing firms providing services far above and beyond just advertising, but the need to keep your agency engaged proactively on your behalf, remains the same. […]

Ask Your Full Service Marketing Firm What They Do For Their Other Clients

As much as you may like to think you’re the only client on your agency’s roster, in reality it’s a very good thing for you that you’re not. Asking what your agency is working on for their other clients will give you a sense of untapped creative. […]

Don’t Rest on Your Laurels – Let Your Marketing Agency Keep You Current

What was once state-of-the-art or award winning, now may not even qualify you for the competition. Allow your marketing agency to keep you current. […]

The Value of a Project Postmortem with Your Marketing Agency

Once you’ve finished a significant project with your marketing agency, take time to evaluate how things went. This postmortem review can help you both make the next project even better. […]

R&D – Ripoff and Duplicate – Avoiding Plagiarism with Your Full Service Marketing Firm

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, don’t let imitation cross the line into plagiarism. […]