Case Study:

Upgraded product visualizations lead to a brand new website
and improved positioning

Ridewell Suspensions is a leading manufacturer of engineered suspensions for the commercial truck and trailer market. As an OEM supplier, they develop products with a customer-first approach.

The problem: Ridewell has traditionally made a premium product backed by excellent customer service at an affordable price. However, over time their image had become outdated, with the product visuals and website no longer reflecting the quality of the product.

The solution: Brand new product renderings to rival photography and exceed others in the marketplace created a basis for a new, responsive website that up-leveled the brand image to recapture the premium.

The result: The new product renderings and mobile-responsive website, built with OEM customers in mind, allowed Ridewell to reintroduce themselves to the market, reminding customers of their value.

Ridewell Logo

“The experience of Rains | Birchard in the trucking industry makes working with them a perfect fit for Ridewell. Their understanding of our product category, the industry, and how our business works, basically removed the learning curve any other agency would have had. And the results have been well worth the investment. We’re looking forward to leveraging more of their expertise in the future.”

– Justin Cravens, VP of Sales, Ridewell Corporation

Ridewell has a 50+ year history of leading their industry in the design and manufacture of heavy duty truck and trailer suspensions. With a reputation of premium quality backed by excellent customer service with an affordable price, they’ve maintained a strong position as an OEM supplier for decades. However, they’d become somewhat complacent with brand image, allowing the product and customer service to speak for itself. In so doing, their marketing materials, website and product visuals had become dated. This left the door open to competition to start putting pressure on their market share. Ridewell’s brand image no longer portrayed the premium quality that is Ridewell Suspensions.

Rains | Birchard Marketing first worked with Ridewell on improving their product images. We opted to upgrade Ridewell’s existing 3D product renderings with updated versions, utilizing newer technology and techniques to produce true-to-life product renderings that rival photography and provide additional flexibility in marketing uses. By using 3D product visualizations to showcase the features, advantages and benefits unique to Ridewell products, our imagery stands out from the competition and offers customers a visual experience that only a rendering can.  Not only did we avoid the hassle and expense of studio photography and the logistics involved in getting large heavy objects in front of a camera, we completely removed the costs of retouching and Photoshopping to get images just right.  In creating the initial product renderings, we took time to establish a consistent style and palette of textures customized to Ridewell’s needs, showing accurate details.

Once our process for product renderings was worked out and the initial renderings completed and approved, we were able to produce high quality renderings of all Ridewell Suspensions products in a matter of a few days. Thus, going forward, all Ridewell products have a consistent, branded look to them that is visually as high quality as the physical product itself. And if needed for future projects, we now have full control over the visual assets. If we need a hi-resolution product image for a trade show booth, printed piece or other use, we can render it on demand. We can also create additional renderings showcasing key features of the product, alternate angles, exploded or cut away views, as still images. But the real power comes from video animations, being able to use the same asset output for use as a primary product image and create a product overview video in a manner live action cannot match.

Armed with new product visuals, we completely redesigned the Ridewell website from the ground up. Building a mobile responsive website upon an up-to-date WordPress content management system. We introduced additional brand assets and category visuals that allow Ridewell to be customer-brand neutral throughout their site, while showcasing the segments they serve. A reorganization of content from the prior website also makes the new site more user-friendly. In particular, the website is a repository for product and technical information, so we created a simple, easy-to-navigate page for this material.

The new website and product visuals have allowed Ridewell to reintroduce themselves to the market, their customers, and push back against competitors seeking to encroach on their market share.

New sales literature, product overview videos, and advertising in industry publications are in the works to increase lead generation and ultimately new sales opportunities for Ridewell.