Challenge Your Marketing Agency to Find Freedom Within The Form – The Branding Haiku

Successful branding is due to consistency. Much like a Haiku, good marketing requires establishing a form, then excelling at being creative within it. I remember back to high school English class and the exercise of writing a Haiku. A traditional form of Japanese poetry comprised of a 17-syllable verse consisting of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. […]

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R&D – Ripoff and Duplicate – Avoiding Plagiarism with Your Full Service Marketing Firm

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, don’t let imitation cross the line into plagiarism. […]

Be Your Brand’s Sheriff and Deputize Your Full Service Marketing Firm

With branding, few things are more important than consistency.  Seize your authority and enforce correct brand usage across your organization; grant power to your full service marketing firm to help you. A brand is an intangible asset.  It is created through a myriad of customer touch points developed over a span of time.  Brands require nurturing to maintain and can often become a company’s most valuable asset. […]

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Tell Your Marketing Firm What You’d Like to Convey, Not How to Convey it.

A common temptation is to provide very literal direction on design projects, but this may prevent you from benefiting from the firm’s complete creativity and expertise. […]

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5 Common Mistakes Clients Make when Working with a Full Service Marketing Firm

Everyone makes mistakes, but avoiding these 5 common ones will help save time, money and make working with a marketing firm more successful. […]

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