Bartering with a Full Service Marketing Firm

Bartering is a creative way to approach compensation for your agency.  Just be sure you can offer items or services of value that the agency principal(s) want or can make use of. […]

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Understanding Hourly Rates When Hiring a Full Service Marketing Firm

Hourly rates offer one way to compare prices of different marketing agencies, but you need to understand how rates are defined and applied to have a true understanding of cost. […]

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5 Common Mistakes Clients Make when Working with a Full Service Marketing Firm

Everyone makes mistakes, but avoiding these 5 common ones will help save time, money and make working with a marketing firm more successful. […]

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If You Ask a Full Service Marketing Firm to Solve a Problem Before They Are Paid – It Can Cost You

A full service marketing firm’s highest valued product is their thinking.  Asking them to part with it without appropriate compensation can end up costing more in the long run. Agency compensation is a recurring theme on this blog.  I’ve covered the virtues of retainers and the value of being open with your budget.  As with other businesses, creative firms need to be profitable in order to remain a reliable resource for their customers.  So discussing compensation is key to a successful business relationship. […]

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Who is Lorem Ipsum? What are they doing at a Full Service Marketing Firm?

Lorem Ipsum is not a person, it’s the first two words of filler text used in layout.  […]

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Every Business Must Differentiate

We are living in what has been described as a society of surplus.  […]

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Have an Elevator Pitch and Share it with your Full Service Marketing Firm

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD The Elevator Pitch is an exercise that will make a business focus on its value proposition.  Sharing it with your full service marketing firm gets you off to a good start. I often ask new clients to give me their elevator pitch. I’ve yet to meet a prospective client with a concise pitch prepared.  I actually don’t expect them to, but the reason I ask is to get the client thinking about their value proposition. […]

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5 Reasons Retainers are a Smart Way to Work with a Marketing Agency

Retainers have many advantages that have kept them a popular compensation method for professional services.  Here are five reasons they are a smart way to work with a full service marketing firm. […]

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