When does Headcount Matter for a Full Service Marketing Agency?

The number of staff an agency employs used to be a primary way to gauge an agency’s capabilities. While that still holds true to some extent, in the digital era and the gig economy, full-time staff headcount is less of an accurate metric of a marketing firm’s capacity. […]

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Allow Your Agency to Act as Your Agent

Advertising companies were originally called an “Agency” because they acted as their client’s agent. The industry has trended away from this as we’ve become more full service marketing firms providing services far above and beyond just advertising, but the need to keep your agency engaged proactively on your behalf, remains the same. […]

What to Do When or If Your Full Service Marketing Firm Resigns

More often than not clients end relationships with their agency, but occasionally it’s the other way around.  Here’s some tips if you find yourself on the receiving end of an agency resignation letter. I’ve been at this long enough that I’ve resigned a few accounts in the course of my career. Trust me when I say it’s never a decision I’ve come to lightly.  There’s a sense of failure on my part that I and my agency couldn’t live up to whatever the ideal was that initially brought us together with our client. […]

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Selecting a Full Service Marketing Firm that’s Service Agnostic

When hiring a full service marketing firm, selecting an agency partner that won’t pigeon hole you into their solution is important. The old adage that “if you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” rings true for marketing services and agencies.  I believe it’s important that the marketing partners you select aren’t always holding a hammer. […]

Tips for Writing an RFP for Marketing & Creative Services

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD About half of the Requests for Proposals (RFPs) we receive won’t yield quality responses because they’re written incorrectly.  Here are some tips for writing an RFP that will get results. […]

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A Full Service Marketing Agency Should Provide “Soup to Nuts” Service.

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD  “Soup to Nuts” includes everything start to finish.  It’s all inclusive. An outsourced marketing department should provide all services needed. […]

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