Allow Your Agency to Act as Your Agent

Advertising companies were originally called an “Agency” because they acted as their client’s agent. The industry has trended away from this as we’ve become more full service marketing firms providing services far above and beyond just advertising, but the need to keep your agency engaged proactively on your behalf, remains the same. […]

The Value of Having Your Agency Source Production

Asking your full service marketing firm to source production of your marketing materials can save you time, money and frustration. As your partner they have your best interests in mind, and sourcing production yourself can have pitfalls. […]

Marketing Agency Price Quotes vs. Estimates – Know the Difference

The terms ‘quotes’ and ‘estimates’ are often used interchangeably, but their distinctions influence potential costs you may incur for a project. Knowing the difference can be key to cost visibility. […]

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Difference Between Net and Gross Rates for Media Purchased by a Full Service Marketing Firm

When your agency buys media on your behalf, you’ll be quoted a Gross rate.  The agency will pay a lower Net rate, yet the Gross rate should be the same price you’d pay if you purchased directly. […]

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Bartering with a Full Service Marketing Firm

Bartering is a creative way to approach compensation for your agency.  Just be sure you can offer items or services of value that the agency principal(s) want or can make use of. […]

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Understanding Hourly Rates When Hiring a Full Service Marketing Firm

Hourly rates offer one way to compare prices of different marketing agencies, but you need to understand how rates are defined and applied to have a true understanding of cost. […]

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If You Ask a Full Service Marketing Firm to Solve a Problem Before They Are Paid – It Can Cost You

A full service marketing firm’s highest valued product is their thinking.  Asking them to part with it without appropriate compensation can end up costing more in the long run. Agency compensation is a recurring theme on this blog.  I’ve covered the virtues of retainers and the value of being open with your budget.  As with other businesses, creative firms need to be profitable in order to remain a reliable resource for their customers.  So discussing compensation is key to a successful business relationship. […]

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5 Reasons Retainers are a Smart Way to Work with a Marketing Agency

Retainers have many advantages that have kept them a popular compensation method for professional services.  Here are five reasons they are a smart way to work with a full service marketing firm. […]

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What Do Stock Photos Really Cost?

BY MATTHEW BIRCHARD Businesses wanting to maximize their marketing spend often opt to cut out a photography budget in favor of stock photos.  But this ends up being a penny wise and a dollar foolish. Our agency used to have good working relationships with a number of photographers and would routinely manage photo shoots for our clients.  Everything from in-studio product shots to staged locations with hired talent.  Design often needs photos and the old adage that a “picture is worth a thousand words” still holds true.  However, what has happened is now the pictures often tend to be low-cost stock photos purchased online. […]