With the formation of a new company, a new logo is a top priority.  A good logo design helps to differentiate a company in the marketplace, becomes the cornerstone of overall company branding, and will see long-term use across a variety of media.  Therefore, good logos need to be powerful and make an instantaneous and memorable impact. Logos can be grouped into a few basic types which are briefly described below.


The company is represented by a very simple graphic, typically an abstract design that may carry with it deeper meaning, but something immediately associated with the company.  Mark/Symbol designs are best suited for long-term use with the financial resources to develop recognition for the logo.  Good examples are:

mark symbol logos

Logotype/Text Based

These logos are primarily text based. Typically stylized, specialized fonts to form the company name into a graphically image, through repeated use it becomes recognizable.  Good examples are:

logotype text based logos

Combination Marks

Perhaps the most commonly used logo type, these combine the elements of the first two logos into a unified design.  They offer the flexibility to use only the Mark/Symbol on its own when needed, however the proper investment in the overall branding is needed to make the Mark/Symbol recognizable.  Good examples are:

Combination marks


The most complex logos are those that contain words within a graphical element to form a complete emblem or illustrated design to represent the company.  They can be very recognizable and allow for the greatest design flexibility and also provide a great opportunity for uniqueness.  Good examples are:

emblematic logos

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