Project Description


Mandarin and English bilingual preschool


Mandarin and English
bilingual preschool

Sprouts came to us in the spring of 2015 with nothing more than a name and a vision to bring an immersive Mandarin/English bilingual preschool to Portland. From the get-go we were thrilled with the opportunity to make this vision a reality. Fast forward a little over a year, and Sprouts is poised to open for their inaugural school year.

The path to get there was a fun and challenging adventure that allowed our creativity to flourish and solidified an identity to the Sprouts brand.

From logo creation, brand guidelines implementation, and website design/development, the Sprouts brand is an intelligent and visceral representation for all that it signifies. Purpose, Flexibility, and most importantly, Children.

After Sprouts successfully secured their future home, the push to get students enrolled for the fall began; a full-fledged campaign was brought to life. The campaign entailed designing, facilitating and even installing all new Sprouts signage for their fantastic Sellwood location. Furthermore, we created targeted direct mail pieces that consisted of brochures and postcards sent only to qualified leads that met our search criteria. Social media advertisements and publication sponsorships allowed us to reach a large constituency of preschool aged parents that, working hand in hand with our direct mail pieces, kept the Sprouts brand top of mind for prospective parents. Finally, we helped strategize and oversee Sprouts’ engagement in two summer events. Lake Oswego’s Kids Get Creative and the Portland “Rox In Sox” festival allowed Sprouts to bring their brand and message of a bilingual preschool face-to-face with kids and parents.

With a multi-pronged approach to marketing Sprouts in a truly integrated campaign, our passion to create value and results is always top of mind.