Project Description

Sole Revolution

Sole Revolution, a brand of Sustainable Performance Solutions, is a synthetic turf infill solution made from 100-percent recycled athletic shoe rubber. After ending an exclusive partnership with a major global footwear brand, Sole Revolution (and Sustainable Performance Solutions) came to us with the need of a re-brand, to divorce from the global partner, but also not to completely re-invent the wheel, as there were many stakeholders already familiar to Sole Revolution. This task presented us with an interesting challenge to harness enough of the existing brand and logo to slightly modify its color scheme and positioning statement enough to make Sole Revolution a stand alone brand.

From all new collateral that ranged from sales, technical specification, and material safety data sheets, to infill comparison charts, proposal documents, and even presentation decks. The newly re-branded Sole Revolution has a clear and consistent framework that entails all the same elements and features that makes their brand unique.

Some of the bigger projects we have been fortunate enough to create and produce for Sole Revolution included a new website completely reprieved by old branding constraints, fitted with all new photography and 3D renders. The website in turn, became a much more interactive platform that allowed for all of the brand’s stakeholders to be addressed in a far more dynamic way. Additionally to the new website, we were thrilled to be given that opportunity to design, source, and produce a product presentation piece that was equipped with actual turf, collateral, and of course, infill. The “box” as we are calling it presented us with the goal of designing a structure that inherently represented Sole Revolution down to it’s very core – Carbon! More specifically, the molecular make up of Carbon as it relates to the hexagonal representation of Graphite.

Overseeing all facets of not only the presentation piece, but all of Sole Revolution marketing, is one of the main reasons for choosing a full-service firm – the consolidation of resources to a single agency, allows for the utmost management of creative control and assures that from inception to production, your brand is in good hands.

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