Project Description


Mobile Payment Made Easy

PayRange is a mobile payments company that’s focused on eliminating payment as a barrier. They are innovating payment for coin operated machines and beyond. These machines are in industries as varied as: vending, laundry, amusements, parking, transit and more. PayRange starts not with the technology, but rather the operator’s realities and the user experience. First it must work for the operator (or owner of the machine), or there will be little deployment. Second, it must be simple, intuitive, and fast. No more fumbling around for change, just pull out your phone, select your machine and enjoy. PayRange has experienced wide acceptance and glowing reviews while they continue to improve and innovate in this new, exciting sector.

PayRange came to us at the beginning of their rise, even before the company had a name! We developed a brand voice, a web presence and marketing materials that embodies their culture, products and services. 3D renders, packaging, advertising, photography, strategy and trade show production are some of the other services we have provided to PayRange, all helping this company grow.