Project Description


Dectron makes the highest quality articulating arm components and ergonomic equipment that are manufactured to withstand the everyday demands of industrial environments. Having such sleek, modern, and sophisticated arm components made for an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our 3D prowess.

The final product of our renders allowed for us to create fully animated videos and sales collateral that were then able to be displayed at various trade events Dectron attended. The feedback they received was that the render quality produced in the video loop presented a realness that nearly matched the physical model in the booth next to it. Dectron’s products are so polished and powerful, that generating 3D representations of the highest quality for them was the best way to showcase them to potential customers who could not see and touch these ergonomic solutions in person.

The feedback received was that the video and quality produced a realness that nearly matched the physical model in the booth next to it.

The same amount of effort that went into the visual embodiments of Dectron’s offerings was met with the same for the newly designed website. A complete overhaul, we collaborated hand in hand with them to find a voice and style that matched their hard-working models. The site was developed to have a strong, bold look while being clean and simple to navigate. A complete shopping cart system was integrated while keeping the backend structured in a way that could easily be self managed by the client.

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