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ConMet produces wheel-end components for the commercial vehicle industry. These components are often large, very heavy, and difficult to photograph well and in a consistent fashion. Their proprietary technology is buried in the center of their hub systems, which means they can’t be photographed without cutting a large portion of metal away, then cleaning, and reassembling them. Considering the hundreds of wheel-ends they produce, photography is simply not feasible. At their upcoming trade show, we needed a way to consistently display their products in a visually engaging way.

One of the reasons that we were hired as ConMet’s agency was our ability to take complex CAD files from their engineers and to photo realistically render them in both solid and cut-away forms. Beyond simple flat renderings, we have found many uses for these 3D files, including assembly and maintenance training, as sales tools, and general product education. We’ve done renderings that are six feet tall for trade show booths and highly technical simulations of uneven thermal expansion in brake drums. We almost exclusively use 3D renderings for ConMet’s marketing materials.


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Package Design


Trade Show Booth Design