Project Description


Claywolf is a Portland-based producer of high quality Cannabis extracts. They focus on crafting premium cannabis products. Their team of industry vets are committed to creating the safest, quality products for their customers to enjoy. They are dedicated to researching and creating innovative products that will keep them on the forefront of premium cannabis oil extraction.

Claywolf had been around for years before they came to us. They wanted a new and improved brand platform as well as some eye catching package design. We didn’t want to create just another brand with a leaf, it needed to stand out from the crowd. The name was with the clients using a combination of their last names. Once we had the name we focused on how to represent the claywolf. We researched different low polygon wolfs and after much R&D we landed on the wolf you see today. The Germanic font, honey comb and laurels were the touches needed to really set the brand apart, while also paying homage to the culture of cannabis.