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Matt has a holistic view of marketing and is skilled at strategic thinking. He enjoys meeting with businesses who are seeking marketing partnerships and are ready to grow. Matt holds a BA in Advertising and Marketing from Portland State University.

Marketing Agency Price Quotes vs. Estimates – Know the Difference

The terms ‘quotes’ and ‘estimates’ are often used interchangeably, but their distinctions influence potential costs you may incur for a project. Knowing the difference can be key to cost visibility. […]

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What to Do When or If Your Full Service Marketing Firm Resigns

More often than not clients end relationships with their agency, but occasionally it’s the other way around.  Here’s some tips if you find yourself on the receiving end of an agency resignation letter. I’ve been at this long enough that I’ve resigned a few accounts in the course of my career. Trust me when I say it’s never a decision I’ve come to lightly.  There’s a sense of failure on my part that I and my agency couldn’t live up to whatever the ideal was that initially brought us together with our client. […]

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Difference Between Net and Gross Rates for Media Purchased by a Full Service Marketing Firm

When your agency buys media on your behalf, you’ll be quoted a Gross rate.  The agency will pay a lower Net rate, yet the Gross rate should be the same price you’d pay if you purchased directly. […]

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Selecting a Full Service Marketing Firm that’s Service Agnostic

When hiring a full service marketing firm, selecting an agency partner that won’t pigeon hole you into their solution is important. The old adage that “if you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail” rings true for marketing services and agencies.  I believe it’s important that the marketing partners you select aren’t always holding a hammer. […]

Introduce Your Marketing Vendors and Make Them a Team

If you’re using more than one firm for marketing activities, introduce them and make them a cohesive team.  You’ll save yourself time and reap the benefits of teamwork. […]

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Be Your Brand’s Sheriff and Deputize Your Full Service Marketing Firm

With branding, few things are more important than consistency.  Seize your authority and enforce correct brand usage across your organization; grant power to your full service marketing firm to help you. A brand is an intangible asset.  It is created through a myriad of customer touch points developed over a span of time.  Brands require nurturing to maintain and can often become a company’s most valuable asset. […]

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Tell Your Marketing Firm What You’d Like to Convey, Not How to Convey it.

A common temptation is to provide very literal direction on design projects, but this may prevent you from benefiting from the firm’s complete creativity and expertise. […]

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